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our mission

Solving climate change with food

Our mission is to use food as starting domino for systematic change. We’re going to celebrate veggies and restore meat as a luxury for the weekend.

Mareike & Frank

Eating is like voting three times a day in what kind of world you want to live.


We help people to actually change their behavior

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I really love meat, so I expected that the recipes would be boring. But the opposite turned out to be true. The recipes are really easy, and you can still impress guests. Never thought I could be convinced as a 'meat-lover' but now I don't meat 4-5 times a week.


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I'm no stranger to vegetarian cooking or the issues surrounding global heating, but Fork Ranger comes from an entirely fresh perspective. The recipes have jolted me out of my 'cooking rut', the photos are a feast for the eyes and the narrative is compelling and uplifting. I've ordered more books to give to friends as presents.


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Amazed by the simplicity yet excellence in thoughtful content (and research behind it), careful graphics and the concept in general.


We're exploring a new version of The Good Life.

less meat - More Plants

less stuff - More Memories

less flying - More adventure

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Your compass for the food jungle

Everyone is on a journey with eating sustainably, which is a complicated topic where nothing is black and white. So instead of a map to a perfect food system, Fork Ranger is a compass for heading into the right direction.

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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

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