Solving climate change with food

Our mission is to make it as easy as possible to eat for the climate. We use data and storytelling to show which choices matter most and develop easy recipes to put knowledge into action.

Hi, we are Fork Ranger's founders Mareike and Frank. When we discovered that one-third of all greenhouse gases come from food we wanted to do something.

Mareike & Frank

There are many different climate solutions and we need all of them. But the special thing about food is that our personal choices make a massive difference. That means everyone can contribute to the solution, every single day. And we can start with small steps.

We are building a community of people who want to be part of the solution. We help beginners to take action and give seasoned food pioneers a way to share it with their friends (and not feel so guilty about every single food choice).

The goal is not to make perfect choices by ourselves but to gather momentum until we reach a tipping point in society.

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Overall, it’s about saying goodbye to overconsumption and finding a new version of The Good Life. Our food is the perfect place to start because three times a day we can vote in what kind of world we want to live. In short:

Less meat - More plants

Less flying - More adventure

Less stuff - More memories

What we do

for individuals


Fork Ranger is a compass for heading in the right direction. Our products help to understand what choices matter most and also provide the recipes to take action.

for organizations

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We help to share a hopeful message and be part of the solution. Whether that’s through a gift box or an inspiring keynote.

The most important conclusions

πŸ₯© Less meat & dairy (especially beef)

Beef has the highest carbon footprint of the most common foods. It also the food product that contributes the most greenhouse gases overall.

🍌 Less food waste

One-third of all food is wasted and in rich countries most of that waste happens in our own homes. We can only solve this problem if we start valuing food as something priceless.

πŸ’¬ Invite others

We need millions of people doing something rather than a few people doing it perfectly.

We arrive at these conclusions by taking a pragmatic look at the numbers and applying them to our daily lives. The goal is to find the actions that make the biggest difference. Read more about our our approach.

Our Team

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Mareike BrΓΌhl

Co-founder | πŸ¦„

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Frank Holleman

Co-founder | πŸ•

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Jordi Bruin

App | πŸ₯΅


Joost 2.0

Joost van den Akker

App | πŸš€


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Kevin Blom

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Casper Willemsen

Recipes | 🏹


Raluca Dumitrache - infographics design

Raluca Dumitrache

Infographic design | ☘️


Melissa Mehlbaum

Melissa Mehlbaum

Marketing | 🌸



David Lamers

App | 🀩


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Malileh Ghorbanzadeh

UX-designer | πŸ€—


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David Arnemann

Dashboards | πŸ₯³


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Sander Koedood

Website | πŸ€”




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Our impact

Real behavior change

What we're most proud of is that people who use the Fork Ranger app or book start changing what they eat. Our own surveys, hundreds of user-interviews and reviews are proof of our impact.

Bridging the so-called 'intention-behavior' gap is one of the greatest challenges, but we've found a way.

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Support and peace of mind for frontrunners

The most difficult part about eating less meat is often that it's not normal. A lot of the people who follow us are already into sustainable food but they still have a lot of questions. We help them feel more secure about their choice and help them see the bigger picture. This helps them to stay positive and also to invite their friends and family to join the journey.

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A growing community of Fork Rangers

About half our community lives in the Netherlands, followed by the UK and USA.

30.000 App downloads

10.000 Books & Seasonal calendars sold

26.000 Followers on social media


We believe in transparency, so ask us anything. Here are some questions we frequently get:

🌍 I like your mission, but why are you not a foundation?

This is something we seriously considered given the fact that we're an impact organization. However, when we spoke with other foundations we quickly realized that they spend a lot of time raising funding.

As this isn't our favorite activity, we'd rather spend our time developing amazing products that really help people and prove to be valuable to them - so that people are really willing to pay for it. This 'commercial challenge' drives us to create the best tools that actually lead to behaviour change. And in the end makes us more independent.

πŸ’Έ Can I trust your independence: is your content sponsored?

We are not sponsored and none of our content is sponsored. We do recommend other tools, projects, and initiatives, but we don't receive any returns for this.

We only do this if we believe their mission aligns with ours and it's interesting and inspiring for you to know about it. We take this very seriously so you can trust us that the advice we give is not influenced by any financial interests.

πŸ’°How do you make money?

We make money because people like you decide to buy one of our products for yourself or friends or choose to support us in the Fork Ranger app. Organizations also invite us for an inspiring keynote or gift our products.

πŸ›’ So, how much money do you make then?

In 2023 the money Fork Ranger made was barely enough to pay ourselves (Frank and Mareike) minimum wage (in the Netherlands), while we work full-time on it. And then we're not even talking about pensions and social securities.

It's our goal to increase this to the Dutch average income (gross income of 42.000 EUR) in 2024. We also have plans to set a maximum income and determine a fair and impactful way to use any surplus.

πŸ™Œ Why should I support Fork Ranger?

By supporting Fork Ranger you enable us to continue to work on Fork Ranger full-time. And that means we can invite more people to join the community and develop better products that are more engaging, fun, and effective.

This way the impact you have is not just about optimizing your own climate footprint, but about inspiring more people to take small steps. And in the end that has a bigger total influence.

It's not about becoming a perfectionist yourself, but about inviting more people to create tipping points for system change. By supporting Fork Ranger you are part of this.

πŸ€” But please explain to me, how is printing books and a seasonal calendar sustainable?

We also asked ourselves this question: can't we just create a digital product? However, the advantage of a physical product is that it's a visual reminder in your home which really helps you to take action. It's also easier to share with others through gifting - which is a good way to invite more people to join the journey.

But is this enough to 'justify' the emissions of a hardcopy product? When we calculated the impact of the book and calendar - which we share on the product pages - we were surprised to find that their impact is lower than cooking one Fork Ranger meal compared to a conventional meal.


We are based in Amsterdam. You can find us at the KIT, at Mauritskade 64. You can always contact Mareike or Frank at:

about everything except speaking


or call

+316 30 87 30 25