Wanted: Android developer to help with Gamified Recipe App for the Climate

Time: a few hours a week (or more) | Volunteer position

Fork Ranger's mission is to help millions of people switch to a healthy and sustainable diet with a gamified recipe app. Now we're looking for an Android developer to (alongside volunteer David) help us improve the existing Android app.


The Mission

The food system makes up 33% of all greenhouse gases and most of it comes from eating too much meat. Alongside fossil fuels, it’s one of the most destructive forces on the planet.

The simplest solution is to change our diet. We don’t have to become vegan, only to make meat a luxury product for the weekend. A lot of people are interested to eat more sustainably but don’t know where to start. That’s where Fork Ranger is going to help.

It all started when Frank found out about the huge impact of meat but was frustrated with most vegetarian recipes. They had unknown ingredients or weren't filling enough. So he created a book that explains the problem and gives ‘user-friendly’ recipes. It has helped hundreds of people to eat less meat and now we're turning this into a digital experience.

Through recipes and food we want to inspire people to be part of the solution for a better world. We want people to feel like they can make a difference when it comes to climate change. It’s about offering a new version of 'the good life' that is not centred around consumerism but a purposeful life.

What is Fork Ranger?

We are working towards our mission in three ways:

The app

We're working on a habit changing app with recipes to solve climate change. This tackles two tricky questions that people struggle with:

  1. What can I do about climate change?
  2. What’s for dinner?

The iPhone version and a basic Android version of the Fork Ranger app are already live. Right now it gives daily insight into a sustainable food topic and users discover a new recipe, which is connected to it.

app screenshots

The app so far

The current version of the (iPhone) app is already our fourth design. We've tested a lot and have finally found something that works. People use the app on a daily basis and we've got really good retention rates 🤩. Very soon independent research will be published which shows the app really helps people to eat more sustainably!

Some numbers:

⭐️ 4.9 rating across 800+ reviews on Android and iOS

📈 ca. 30k downloads (we doubled in the last six months)


Why is there a difference between the Android and iOS version?

We have an unusual approach: we've got 3 guys building the iOS app in SwiftUI and David copying the features with React Native. We're working this way because SwiftUi allows to make quick experiments about what's working. We experimented with the iOS app for a few years until we figured out what works. Then we had to build Android and we found David and we decided to keep working this way.

Next step: upgrading Android

Especially because the Android app was created later, the iPhone app had a head start. That's why it would be great to strengthen the Android team.

One of the first things on the list is to make it also possible to become a supporter of Fork Ranger (currently only for iPhone). But there are also many smaller features which people have been waiting for!

We prefer working with small weekly updates instead of dragging it out over months.

About Us 

I hope that by now you’re excited about the idea. Time to tell you a little about ourselves so you know what you're getting into 😉

Frank and Mareike are the founders and get help from 10 (!) awesome people who help us in their spare time.

Frank is a storyteller and dreamer who loves to translate complicated topics like climate change into inspiring designs and stories. He created the Fork Ranger book and then Mareike joined him to create the app.

Mareike makes sure everything stays on track. She has a keen eye for details and structuring messy ideas. She's also vegetarian since she's 14 because somebody told her 'you will never keep this up'.

Jordi, Joost and Kevin are our developer friends who built the current iPhone app. And David made sure today's Android app exists!

Fork Ranger team photo

From left to right: David - Mareike - Frank - Joost - Kevin - Mali - Casper - Melissa - David - Jordi

Why do we work with volunteers?

Mareike and Frank work full-time on Fork Ranger and the rest of the team helps as volunteers.

In the beginning, we were looking for investors. But it was tricky to align our mission with a business model. So we decided that we are a mission first, business second. Our goal became to be self-funded so we can stay independent. We are doing this by selling the book and seasonal calendar and through speaking. Last year, Mareike and Frank earned a bit less than minimum wage and our goal for this year is to get to a 'normal' salary.

We find it complicated to ask someone to do work for free. But we've also learned from our team that volunteer work brings a different kind of energy. It's always about finding a win-win for everyone (besides contributing to the mission). For example, for our iOS developers it's about learning from each other and having fun. For David it was about getting back to coding besides his management job.

And let's not forget, it's in our long-term plan to see how we can share the success of Fork Ranger with our volunteers.

About You

Besides the practical points that you either speak Dutch or English there are two main things we're looking for: 

1) Passionate about the mission
You don’t need to be a vegetarian but you should join for the right reasons: working on a solution for climate change.

2) Android developer
We're looking for someone who has built an app before and is excited to build user-friendly apps. You will join David in building the app in React Native.


The Job

  • Responsibility: Improve the Android Fork Ranger app (together with David)
  • Time commitment: a few hours a week
  • Salary: none
  • Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands (remote is possible)

What’s in it for you?

We’ve been working on Fork Ranger for five years and made some good progress. If you’re looking for a thrilling side project to improve the world, this might be a good opportunity to step into something promising. 

In short, this is what we can offer:

  • A chance to make more impact than Elon Musk (changing diets can save a lot more CO2 than electric cars)
  • The joy and friendship of working in an ambitious team
  • Working in a startup that has the opportunity to inspire millions of people

What is a bad fit?

  • Prefer to work alone
  • Mainly looking for a technical challenge rather than excited about a great user experience

What is a good fit? 

  • Want to make the world a better place
  • Taking initiative and bringing in own ideas
  • Love for great UX
  • Works fast and thinks in solutions

How to get in touch

Send an email to frank@forkranger.com and mareike@forkranger.com and tell us something about these three points. You can write in English or Dutch.

  1. Some personal things: where do you live? What are you currently working on?
  2. Mission: why would you like to join? What excites you most about this project?
  3. App experience: what is your experience? What have you been working on? (send us the name of an app :-))


Disclaimer: Don’t expect a reply if you simply send in your CV or ask questions in the comments section.

Looking forward to your email!


May the forks be with you!

Frank & Mareike