We designed Fork Ranger for maximum impact

Eating less meat is the third biggest solution to climate change, according to the scientists of Drawdown. We sent out a survey to our readers to see what our book has achieved so far.

Converting the meat lovers

'How often do you eat meat?'
Before and after having the book.

before and after copy 1
before and after copy 2

As you can see we didn’t just reach the sustainable hippies 🙂

Our readers now eat 36% less meat

And that’s only on average. Some people went from eating meat everyday to mostly plant-based!

36 procent less meat

That means their total footprint is now 10% lower

Elon Musk got nothing on us: buying an electric car would ‘only’ reduce their total impact by 6,8%.

total impact 2 copy

The most ambitious Fork Rangers reduce almost a third of their total impact!

We have already saved around 200 tonnes of CO2-eq

That's enough to drive around the Earth 20 times, or to the moon and back.

around the earth

If half of Europe would use the Fork Ranger book...

It would save as much CO2-eq as closing 61 coal plants (Germany has 84).

coal plants

That's the equivalent of saving all of the Amazon rainforest that has been destroyed so far.

The conclusion?

Being part of team Fork Ranger makes a big difference 💪


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