Why we changed the app

The past couple of months we've learned a lot from your feedback. This new version of the app is very different and we believe it's much better.


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Frank Holleman | 09-07-2022

We launched the journey-style Fork Ranger app in March and since then we've learned a lot through interviews and keeping an eye on our (very basic) analytics. Don't worry, we have no personal data ;).

People were excited about the way it looked but the numbers told us a different story after the first impression: most people stopped using the app after a few times.

Our mission with the app is to help people build sustainable food habits. And forming habits takes time. The app was set up like a journey where you could learn new things and had to cook recipes to unlock new levels/themes. However, the interaction was only every week or so, since you had to find time to cook to progress. This made it hard to really start forming a new habit.

We also learned that many people were enthusiastic about learning more about sustainable food, but had solutions for their dinners already (eating out, takeaway, grocery boxes). Since the app was set up in a way that you had to cook to make progress, it didn't feel suited to them.

With these insights we started exploring how we could improve the app. And now, a new version is ready!

What's new

  • One story and recipe every day
  • No longer have to cook a recipe to progress
  • Categorized saving of the infographics
  • Browse through all gathered recipes

Why we changed the app

In the old version, the levels/themes never changed. Learning more about sustainable food relied solely on your own motivation to push forward. We realized that this made it harder to progress. For a very small group this made it the ideal challenge (to complete a level a week), but for many, this didn't fit.

The new app will have a new story and recipe every day. This fits better with the fact that making sustainable food a habit is more about getting new insights and taking small steps every day.

This also makes the app a lot simpler and makes it easier for us to add new stories and recipes.

What this means if you had the old app

First of all, we want to honor those that reached the final level in the old app. If you're one of those, make sure to message Frank as we've got a small surprise 🎁 waiting for you.

You're probably eager to see the new version. Because the basic structure of the app changed we couldn't save your full progress. Your saved recipes will still be there.

To make sure you don't learn about the same themes all over again, we included new questions, infographics, and recipes.

We understand that not everyone will prefer this new version. Despite that, we believe this update is an improvement because it makes it easier to engage with the topic of sustainable food on a regular basis.

Any questions or remarks? We would love to hear from you! Just send Frank a message via frank@forkranger.com

May the forks be with you!

Team Fork Ranger