The Fork Ranger Campfire is monthly online meetup about ‘solving climate change with food’. It's an introduction to Fork Ranger and the bigger picture of sustainable food. For anyone who is new to Fork Ranger or wants to learn more.

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We’re all on a journey with sustainable food. See this event as a campsite to gather around the fire with fellow travelers and find new inspiration. We’ll give you a compass for the road ahead and refill your backpack with lots of tips and encouragement.

🕗 January 9, 20:00
📍Microsoft Teams meeting
💰 Pay as you like
🇬🇧 English

What we will cover:


The most important food choices for the climate


How you can actually make a difference


Bigger picture: how does food fit into sustainable living and a new version of ‘The Good Life’


Your questions about avocados, soy, plastic, organic, or anything else

What you get:

💚 Hope and practical tips for improving the world with your food

😌 Relief and less decision stress

🙂 A smile on your face


This event is for you if you…

  • find all the information about sustainable food confusing
  • miss hope because everything is moving too slow
  • can’t see how you can make a difference as one person
  • want to hear a creative and fun angle on sustainable food


Why this online event?

We’ve noticed that a lot of people who follow us on social media or use the Fork Ranger app have some knowledge about the facts, but they miss the bigger picture. It’s easy to get too obsessed with the details.

To put knowledge into action we need to connect the dots: how do our food choices fit into the wider systems change? And why do our choices make a difference in the first place?

The best way to connect the dots is with real human interaction. And to make it as accessible and easy as possible we’re doing it online.



20:00 - Welcome

20:05 - Fork Ranger story

20:20 - Time for your questions

20:45 - End


“It exceeded my expectations. What I liked about your presentation/approach is how you connect with people as real humans with real lives and nuances.” - Karl

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