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Great that you are interested in joining our Cooking Club and help us develop new easy, tasty and climate friendly recipes.

Before we launch new recipes, we prerelease them exclusively to you! By testing them, you help us ensure that all recipes match the Fork Ranger standard.

How does it work?

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P.S. Feel free to just have a look how the first month goes and we will be in touch with you about it.

Our standard for recipes

The ideal Fork Ranger recipe uses common ingredients in unexpected combinations or new flavours. It’s easy enough for someone who wouldn’t consider themselves to be a ‘good cook’, but exciting enough for someone who is.

🛒 All ingredients should be available at the mainstream supermarket (we use for this)

🍅🥦🥥At least 3 different veggies, fruits and/or nuts, for health guidelines and a filling meal

8️⃣ Max 8 ingredients, excl. spices, onion and garlic, bouillon, so that your shopping list isn’t too long

🐮Max 1 animal-based ingredient, excl. parmesan so that it's in line with our Compass

💪 Source of protein (nuts, beans, lentils, peas, etc.), especially if it’s not pasta or bread-based, which has a higher protein count

🥫Ingredient amounts match as much as possible with packaged amount in a recipe for 4 persons (e.g. 400g canned tomatoes, not 300g)

🤔 Max 1 ingredient that is potentially new/unknown, to not scare people off