25 min

Creamy Cabbage Potato Mash

The cabbage adds lots of vegetable and some nice crunch, while the brie gives it a rich, creamy texture. With the walnuts and sun-dried tomatoes it has some extra protein and bite. You can make the potato mash the conventional way with some butter and milk but we're using soy cream.


4 servings

1000 g
100 g
150 g
80 g

Floury potatoes
Oxheart cabbage
Sundried tomatoes

200 ml
3 tea sp
8 g

(Soy) cream
Curry powder
Fresh thyme
Red onions


5 min

  1. Dice onion
  2. Peel potatoes and cut into pieces
  3. Cut cabbage into rings
  4. Crush walnuts into small pieces
  5. Cut brie into small pieces


20 min

pan 2

Cook potatoes

~15 min

pan 1b

Sauté onion

medium heat ~3 min, season with salt and pepper

Add curry powder

mix well ~1 min

Add cabbage

mix well, keep stirring regularly until the cabbage turns golden brown ~8 min

pan 2

Drain potatoes, add (soy)cream, and mash them

Add cabbage mixture

mix well

Add brie, walnuts, sundried tomatoes and fresh thyme leaves

tear thyme leaves from the twigs, stir through the mash


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