About Fork Ranger!

Our mission is to make it as fun as possible to eat sustainably.

It all started when Frank wrote a cookbook because he couldn’t find easy, vegetarian recipes.

Then Mareike joined him to turn it into an app. More people decided to help and here you are using this app!


We create all the recipes ourselves with lots of love. If you find any mistakes, have a question or suggestions, please send us an email.

May the forks be with you,

Frank & Mareike

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Support us

We can offer the app for free, because people like you support us by buying the book, the seasonal calendar, or inviting us to speak.

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Our approach

We translate climate science into stories and recipes so everyone can be part of the solution. Our mission is to use food as starting domino for systematic change.

We’ve tried to take a holistic approach to food but our advice is biased towards greenhouse gas emissions. That’s not because we care more about greenhouse gases than biodiversity, but because that’s where our consumer choices matter most.

Have a look at our compass to see which choices matter most.

There is lots of room for debate whether some actions should have higher or lower priority. But the overall conclusion is very clear: we have to eat fewer animal products.

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Help us improve the app

We are always keen to hear what you think about the app and how we can improve it. Leave feedback directly or let us know you're open for a short phone call by filling the contact form.

And of course, we have a small gift for you to thank your for your time 🎁

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