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Program for events & catering: small steps with a big impact

Making your food offering more sustainable is not rocket-science. Find out the small and easy steps that can already make a big difference, and become part of the food solution.

As an event organizer you have a big influence on one of the most important climate solutions: our food.

What you offer during the event can not only make a big impact but also inspire people to try more sustainable foods.

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You don’t need to go fully vegetarian or vegan to make a difference. In general, there are 3 important changes we need to make:

The big 3 of sustainable food

🥩 Less meat & dairy (especially beef)

🍌 Less food waste

🫘 More nuts & legumes

With our program we will help you identify what you can do. This is about starting, not about being perfect.

The Program

Four 2h interactive meetings + impact report + support throughout the project on your sustainability questions on food.

Offered in English or Dutch.


1 Getting to know each other

Learn about your wishes and constraints and learn about the biggest impacts in the food system

2 Choose your route

Discuss easy and practical ways to set guidelines/requirements for your suppliers (the actual caterers at your festival).

3 How to communicate

Do’s and don'ts in communicating sustainable food to the people that attend the event.

4 Evaluate (after event)

Receive an impact report, share how it went, and set next steps.

Was du bekommst

📊 Insight on your impact

You gain the key insights about sustainable food in the first session. We share from our extensive knowledge in the most important food choices for the climate, so you don’t have to do the research from scratch.

🥾 Practical and easy next steps

Through our conversations you determine next steps. We guide you to choose feasible steps and keep it easy. At the end you’ll have a simple to-the-point plan that just needs to be executed.

👍 Feedback about your impact

You receive an impact estimation report, based on the previous events and the most recent event. This helps you understand how far you are in your journey, but also how your impact on food relates to other sustainability initiatives.

What we need from you

We guide you through the program, but it can only be effective under the following conditions:

🤝 Buy-in from the right people

Participation of all relevant stakeholders, feel free to invite your supplier(s) to some of the sessions (especially sessions 1 and 3 are recommended).

🍽 Data about your food offering

The basic data on the food that you’ve offered before, we work with the data you already have.

💪 Dedicated follow-up

It’s up to you to let all the info not go to waste and to take action based on the conclusions.

Why work with us

We’re PRAGMATIC: you don’t have to become a vegetarian

We work numbers-based with the BIG PICTURE IN MIND: there’s no need to do extensive research to head in the right direction

We’re all about ACTION: you can start directly with concrete actions on the basis of a general research.

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Let's get started

Our guidance is based on scientific research brought to the daily practice. We sometimes cut corners because we have to solve climate change as soon as possible. That’s why we work towards a 80% correct figure in 20% of the time - to take action!

Take the first step and message us:
Mareike | | 06 57 26 57 52