creamy leek lasagna with kale (1)

20 Min + 30 Min im Backofen

Creamy Leek Lasagna with Kale

The kale and leek as vegetables, and the creamy sauce with nutmeg give a lot of earthy, wintery flavors. The surprise of summery flavors comes from canned artichoke. The result is a fillling lasagna.

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4 Portionen

300 g
190 g
100 g

Lasagna sheets (whole wheat)
Artichoke (canned)

500 ml
2 EL
1 TL
50 g
50 g
2 Zehen

(Plant-based) milk
Muskatnuss (gemahlen)
Butter or margarine

Tips für ein Abendessen mit Gästen! 🎉

Use blue cheese instead of parmesan if you like it


5 min

  1. Knoblauch fein hacken
  2. Cut artichokes into wedges
  3. Lauch in Ringe schneiden
  4. Remove stems & chop kale finely
  5. Walnüsse hacken
  6. Grate parmesan
  7. Backofen auf 180°C vorheizen


30 min

pan 1b

Sauté leeks, kale and garlic

medium heat ~8 min

pan 2

In the meantime, melt butter

low heat ~2 min

Add flour

stir to start making a roux ~1 min

Slowly add the milk and nutmeg

keep stirring while you add it, as it starts to boil it will thicken ~2 min

Add half of the cheese

stir until it thickens further, season with salt and pepper to taste ~2 min

Assemble the lasagna in an oven form

Layer a little sauce, lasagna sheets, a layer of sauce, vegetables, walnuts and artichoke. On top more lasagna sheets, sauce, vegetables, etc. top the final layer with the rest of the cheese ~5 min


Im vorgeheizten Backofen backen

~30 min auf 180°C

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