30 min + 10 min oven

Crispy Bundles filled with Mushrooms

Crispy bites with an explosion of creamy mushroom flavour. The salsa ai funghi adds a nice tomato twist but these bundles are also delicious without it. If you have a family member who doesn’t like the texture of mushrooms, this recipe should be fine because you slice the mushrooms very finely.

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Read this first

A general pack of filo pastry will give you 10 bundles, but if you want to have exactly 2 for each person, buy two packs. You can keep the leftover filo pastry in freezer.

Also filo pastry is a very thin style pastry. Handle it with care so it doesn't break. Want to take a short cut? The filling is also tasty in pre-baked pastry cups.

Can partly be prepared a day before

Make the bundle filling the day before and keep in the fridge.

Easy to take with you

Once baked, easy to take along, but then serve cold. We don't recommend to heat again otherwise the bundles will be too hard.


besides regular cooking and frying pans, and cutting knives

baking paper

Baking paper

kitchen twine

Kitchen twine


6 servings - 10 bundles

225 g
400 g
160 g

Filo pastry
Braune Champignons
Salsa ai Funghi (Jara Earth)

40 g
10 g
10 g
60 g

(Plant-based) butter
Frischer Thymian
Frische Petersilie
(Hafer) Crème fraîche


15 min

  1. Take filo pastry out of the freezer
  2. Mince mushrooms
  3. Frühlingszwiebeln in Ringe schneiden
  4. Tear thyme leaves from the twigs
  5. Chop parsley
  6. Backofen auf 200°C vorheizen


15 min + 10 min oven

pan 1b

Sauté mushrooms and spring onion in butter with thyme

medium heat ~8 min

Add creme fraiche and salsa ai funghi

~3 Min, mit Salz und Pfeffer würzen

Turn off heat and add parsley

gut mischen

Form bundles

use double sheets of pastry and cut into 10 squares (or triangles, depending on the dimensions of the filo pastry)

place 1 TBL sp of mushroom mix in the middle

form bundles by enclosing the filling, taking all the edges towards the middle and tying it around the top with a piece of kitchen twine


Bake bundles

~10 min at 200°C

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