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30 min

Quick Cauliflower Pasta

By sautéing the cauliflower instead of cooking it, it remains a little crunchy. It saves time and dishes, and gives a different cauliflower flavor. Together with simple ingredients it results in a quick midweek recipe.

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4 Portionen

400 g
100 g

Spaghetti (Vollkorn)
Sonnengetrocknete Tomaten
Erbsen (tiefgekühlt)

200 ml
1 TL
1/2 TL
50 g
4 Zehen

(Hafer) Crème fraîche
Chili flakes
Parmesan (optional)


10 min

  1. Knoblauch fein hacken
  2. Cut cauliflower into small florets, then into quarters
  3. Getrocknete Tomaten in kleine Streifen schneiden


20 min

pan 2

Nudeln kochen

~10 Min

pan 1

In the meantime, sauté cauliflower

medium/high heat ~8 min, check with a fork if the cauliflower is already slightly softened, if not, give it another 2 minutes

Add garlic, sundried tomatoes, paprika powder and chili flakes

stir, season with salt and pepper to taste ~3 min

Add the creme fraiche and peas

stir ~5 min, test with a fork again if cauliflower is done

Add the spaghetti

umrühren ~2 Min

Serve with parmesan on top.

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