FR - tomato risotto

45 min

Tomato Risotto

You might think risotto is hard to make, but this one is quick and easy. The wine and rich tomato flavors are toned down by the cream near the end. The rocket brings it all together with some texture. No need to wait for the weekend, risotto can be a midweek meal as well.

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4 Portionen

300 g
400 g
250 g
75 g

Risottoreis (Carnaroli oder Aborio)

1 Glas
400 g
400 ml
100 g
20 g

Trockener Weißwein
Tomaten aus der Dose
Crème (oder Hafer) fraîche
Parmesan (optional)


It's important to prepare before you start cooking. There's no time to cut things when cooking risotto.


10 min

  1. Zwiebel würfeln
  2. Cut mushroom into slices
  3. Kirschtomaten halbieren
  4. Decke den Tisch (am besten servierst du das Risotto sofort)


35 min

Gemüsebrühe zubereiten

cover to keep hot ~1 min

pan 1b

Zwiebel und Pilze anbraten

auf mittlerer/hoher Hitze ~5 Min

Add risotto rice

stir so the rice becomes glassy but don't let it brown ~2 min

Add wine and cherry tomatoes

it should sizzle. Stir well and reduce heat. Cook and stir until most liquid is evaporated ~3 min

Add canned tomatoes

~3 Min

Add bouillon in small bits

continue stirring and adding until the rice is cooked ~15 min

When rice is done and liquid is mostly gone, turn off the heat and add creme fraiche

stir through to make it creamy, add salt and pepper to taste ~1 min

Serve with rocket and parmesan

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Ein 'perfektes' Risotto zu bekommen, erfordert viele subtile Details, aber es lohnt sich. Lese mehr darüber hier.

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