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1000+ reviews across iPhone & Android


1000+ reviews across iPhone & Android

Best app I’ve downloaded in a long time

"Every single friend of mine who’s downloaded the app gets hooked within days because it’s the perfect balance of play, learning, and inspiration." - Ely

Can‘t recommend this app enough!

"Super interesting and well-presented with interesting infographics, little quizzes and (last but not least) very tasty recipes." - Till

Simply fantastic

"I only look at my phone a few times a day but Fork Ranger is the first thing I open every day. The information and recipes make me happy!" - Henk

A fantastic app that I wish would be on everyone's phone

"It cuts right to the heart of the problems with food in our world at the moment. It doesn't beat you over the head with vegetarian or vegan dogma but explains smart food choices in a rational way that makes absolute sense!" - Wojciech


Insights + Recipes about sustainable food

Every day you get one quiz question about the impact of food. When you answer you receive an infographic and a recipe.

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