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Become part of the food solution

Everyone feels the pressure to do something about climate change. But when talking about solutions it can be difficult to find the right tone.

Through Fork Ranger, you can share a hopeful and inspiring message.

This opens the conversation so that everyone feels invited to be part of the food solution.

Give the book to your colleagues or partners

This book will help you answer two difficult questions: ‘What difference can I make in the climate crisis?’ and ‘What should I eat tonight?’

Hopeful message

40 everyday recipes

Dutch and English

option 1

Book only

book cover English horizontal

option 2

Book as part of a box

with fairtrade ingredients to start cooking right away


"The Fork Ranger cookbook is the perfect holiday gift. It enables you to help your employees make more sustainable choices in a fun and tasteful manner."

Julia from Contronics Dry Misting

"What a wonderful surprise and what a big boost you gave me for the last couple of days before the holidays. The book is such a nice design and such a great topic! I wanted to cook more over the holidays and now I have inspiration."

Lia from Thünen Institut

"Last Christmas we gave our employees Fork Ranger as a gift and everyone was very enthusiastic about the book. We work in the renewable energy sector and we believe that learning to cook in an environmentally-friendly way is another way to contribute to the mission for which our company stands, which is to enable a more sustainable world." 

Simon from Sympower

Invite Frank as a speaker

inspiring storytelling

custom theme around sustainability & food

interactive workshop is possible

We are happy to incorporate requests regarding specific themes!
Oh and Frank can present in Dutch, English or German 🙂

"After stumbling across Frank’s TEDx we reached out for him to take part in one of our Studio sessions, an interactive webinar for retailers at C-suite level.

Frank was able to knowledgably change his story to fit in with our audience. He was also well prepared and incredibly easy to deal with. I would definitely recommend working with Frank!"

Kirsty from Brand Loyalty

"“Frank lights up the room with curiosity and laughter. He shares the journey to sustainable eating habits in a fun and accessible way, bringing all levels of interest along with him."

Andrea from Net Impact Amsterdam

Have other ideas?

Let’s get in touch and discuss the options. We love creative solutions 🙂

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