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Everyone feels the pressure to do something about climate change. But when talking about solutions it can be difficult to find the right tone.

Through Fork Ranger, you can share a hopeful and inspiring message. This opens the conversation so that everyone feels invited.

We've helped dozens of organizations to create a meaningful gift box.

Choose the best package for you:

Book or seasonal calendar

Available in Dutch and English


Extra options

gift wrap option

wrapped in 100% recycled gift paper


ingredients for one recipe from the book or calendar


special Christmas menu with sustainable ingredients


delivery to one address

we send each package for you (within Europe)

Prices range from €15 - €60 per box, depending on contents and quantity.

There is always room for a personal message and adding your logo on the box.


"The Fork Ranger cookbook is the perfect holiday gift. It enables you to help your employees make more sustainable choices in a fun and tasteful manner."

Julia from Contronics Dry Misting


"Last Christmas we gave our employees Fork Ranger as a gift and everyone was very enthusiastic about the book. We work in the renewable energy sector and we believe that learning to cook in an environmentally-friendly way is another way to contribute to the mission for which our company stands, which is to enable a more sustainable world." 

Simon from Sympower


"The Fork Ranger Christmas box was a great present for my colleagues. They immediately started using the ingredients and recipes. Moreover the service, flexibility and enthusiasm of Mareike/Fork Ranger makes it even better."

Vicky from Profundo

Screenshot 2023-02-27 at 16.26.17

"What a wonderful surprise and what a big boost you gave me for the last couple of days before the holidays. The book is such a nice design and such a great topic! I wanted to cook more over the holidays and now I have inspiration."

Lia from Thünen Institut

Looking for a speaker?

Whether you want to spice up the Christmas party or are organizing an event, we can help your audience feel excited about sustainable food.

Have other ideas?

Let’s get in touch and discuss the options. We love creative solutions 🙂

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