potato fritatta draft photo

30 min

Potato Frittata

A filling recipe, with not only potatoes but plenty of other vegetables and textures. This frittata comes together in minutes.


4 servings

450 g
150 g
80 g
100 g

Potato slices (pre-cooked)
Peas (frozen)
Sun-dried tomatoes

2 TBL sp
15 g

Fresh parsley


10 min

  1. Cut potato slices into small cubes
  2. Cut leek into rings
  3. Crush cashews
  4. Cut sun-dried tomatoes into strips


20 min

pan 1

Sauté leek

medium/high heat, set aside ~5 min

In the meantime, in a bowl, whisk the eggs

Add leek and all other ingredients to the bowl

mix well, season with salt and pepper to taste

pan 1

Add half of the frittata mixture to the heated pan with oil

add lid, medium heat ~5 min

Turn when top is not liquid anymore

Tip to turn: when the frittata easily pulls away from the bottom, use a plate with the same diameter as the frittata, carefully put it on top and flip the frittata to the other side.

Bake other side of frittata

keep lid on ~3 min

Repeat for the other half of the frittata mixture

~8 min


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