Fork Ranger: Solving climate change with food – eBook


The digital version of the book. Discover how food can be the starting point for solving our climate crisis. Learn about sustainable food and bring it into action with 40 everyday recipes.

Digital (PDF) | 176 pages | 4th edition (2023)

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This digital version is ideal if you:
  • live outside of the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany or UK and want to avoid high shipping cost
  • have no space on the cookbook shelf but still would like the book
  • are interested mostly in the stories of the book and prefer to use the Fork Ranger app for cooking

About the ebook

Whether you eat meat every day or have been vegetarian for years, we are all on a journey. This ebook is a compass for heading in the right direction.

Join Frank on his exploration through the world of climate change and food. The first part is a broad look at our role as individuals and envisioning a new version of ‘The Good Life’.

From there, the ebook zooms in on food as one of the key areas where our personal choices can make a huge difference. Our food causes one-third of all greenhouse gases. Why is that and what can we do about it? Frank reviews the science around meat, dairy, organic, seasonal, plastic, local food, and more. He compares the impact of various choices and analyses what it all means for our daily lives.

  • Part 1: Why do our individual choices matter? What you and I can do about climate change?
  • Part 2: A look at the food system and how it can be a climate solution
  • Part 3: Which food choices matter (and which don’t)
  • Part 4: Reflections on sustainable meat
  • Part 5: Going beyond food

With 40 easy recipes

In between the chapters are 40 easy recipes (of which 38 are main courses). Most of them use familiar ingredients and simple cooking steps, but often in unexpectedly tasty combinations. They always include various vegetables and a source of protein.

The recipes are designed for the average home cook while also providing interesting combinations for the more experienced. The majority of the recipes are completely plant-based and the others can be easily turned into a plant-based version.

Updated version

The first version of the hardcopy book came out in 2019 and was the start of Fork Ranger. This is the digital version of the fourth print with lots of new information, clearer writing, and updated recipes.

Can I share this version with friends or colleagues?

Please keep in mind that this ebook is intended for personal use only. So while we encourage you to let your friends taste your newly discovered recipes and it’s fine to share a recipe (or two), don’t forward the full file.

Can I get a Dutch version?

When you purchase the eBook you’ll receive both languages (English and Dutch). There’s no need to let us know which one you prefer.

Access the recipes in the Fork Ranger App

You also receive a voucher code to get all the ebook’s recipes in the Fork Ranger iPhone or Android app. To receive this, tick the box for the voucher code when ordering.

What people say about it

“I read it in one go! It is gripping, informative, nicely written and not preachy but positive! I find myself recommending it to everyone.” – Margot

“I have been a big fan of the book for years! I cook from it weekly and it has also inspired my mom, sister and my boyfriend.” – Antje

“This is the only cookbook I actually use!” – Daniël

“The book is by no means preachy, but entices the reader with tasty-looking photos of the recipes and all the background info.” – Mandy

“The photos are a feast for the eyes and the narrative is compelling and uplifting. I’ve ordered more copies to give to friends as presents.” – Fay


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