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A guide for a sustainable & healthy lunch with 20 simple ideas for sandwiches, home-made spreads and super quick meals.

Digital (PDF) | 72 pages

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For anyone who is trying to replace their salami or cheese sandwich, and is tired of eating plain hummus everyday, we’ve created 20 easy and low-impact lunch ideas. Just to manage your expectations: we use hummus as well but more as a base for creative combinations. These ideas will help you to eat more veggies and plenty of protein from legumes and nuts. And… you will also learn about the most important aspects of a sustainable and healthy lunch.

The setup is similar to the Fork Ranger book, which covers typical dinner recipes and gives an introduction to eating for the climate. So this lunch e-book is Fork Ranger Volume 2! We also included more answers to health questions (such as with bread) because a sustainable and healthy diet go hand in hand.

What you get

  • 20 easy lunch ideas:
    • 8 creative sandwiches with spreads and veggies from the supermarket
    • 6 easy and delicious spreads to make at home
    • 5 super quick meals that you can make in max. 15 minutes
    • Bonus: Frank’s breakfast
  • The climate impact of lunch compared to dinner
  • A shocking story about whole grain (we were really surprised!)
  • What matters most for a healthy lunch
  • Butter vs Margarine
  • How different cheeses compare (if you do crave a cheese sandwich)
  • … and more!

Links to the Fork Ranger app and sources

All lunch ideas can be saved in the free Fork Ranger app which allows you to mark them as favorite, adjust portion sizes and create a grocery shopping list.

All sources that have been used for the topics mentioned above have been added as interactive links, so you can easily dive more into it if you like to.

Can I get a printed version?

We’ve started with a digital version because we hope a few of the recipes will become your new go-to lunch options and you’ll remember them by heart or save them in the Fork Ranger app.

However if you do prefer a printed version, please let us know ( We might decide to offer it if there’s enough interest for it.

Can I share this version with colleagues?

Please keep in mind that this ebook is intended for personal use only. So while we encourage you to let your colleagues taste your newly discovered lunch and it’s fine to share a recipe (or two), don’t forward the full file. In case you’d like to have one to share with your colleagues, please reach out to us ( so we can make you a personalized offer.

Can I get a Dutch version?

When you purchase the eBook you’ll receive both languages (English and Dutch). There’s no need to let us know which one you prefer.

3 reviews for Lunch Box Collection – eBook

  1. Sanne (verified owner)

    Duidelijke uitleg, interessant en lekkere recepten! Ook gemakkelijk te maken, had zelf het meeste al in huis.

  2. Elieska (verified owner)

    Geeft antwoorden op allerlei vragen die je kan hebben over de impact van de klassieke Nederlandse boterhammen lunch. Met tips en suggesties om die wat op te leuke en tegerlijkertijd de impact ervan te verlagen. Mooi vormgegeven.

  3. Anoniem (verified owner)

    Fijn e-book met prettige vormgeving en heldere taal. Zeer waardevol dat je de recepten in de app kunt toevoegen en het ebook als naslagwerk kunt gebruiken. Er staat leuke en interessante aanvullende informatie in. De recepten (vooral het brood en de dips) vond ik enigszins tegenvallen qua variatie, zo zijn het vooral broodjes hummus/zuivelspread met een topping, en is één van de dips hummus. De snelle maaltijden spreken mij meer aan, juist omdat ik meer variatie wil aanbrengen in de lunchmaaltijd. Mogelijk was een gerecht met ei (omelet of variant daarop) een mooie toevoeging geweest. Desondanks ben ik tevreden met het ebook, vooral door de combinatie van de informatie met de recepten. De lanceringsprijs van €5 maakte het voor mij aantrekkelijk, mogelijk had ik €8 teveel gevonden gezien het veel variaties zijn op hetzelfde recept en je soortgelijke recepten ook online kunt vinden (of toekomstig in de app kunt ontgrendelen?). Tot slot voelt het goed om jullie op deze manier te supporten!

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