Poster – Gezond eten binnen de grenzen van één aarde


What is a healthy and sustainable diet? This poster shows what it looks like for an average person in the Netherlands in one week. Including a digital week menu with dinner recipes to make it practical.

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About this poster

We always talk about eating ‘less meat’ but what does this mean in practice? What is a sustainable amount of meat and dairy? That’s what this poster is about!

We’ve noticed that a lot of people become perfectionists when eating sustainably – it’s never ‘good enough’. With this poster we want to show what good enough really looks like.

WWF Netherlands recently published a report which shows exactly what a healthy and sustainable diet looks like for the average Dutch citizen. We asked for their specific numbers and translated them into this poster: it shows the exact amounts per week for the average person in the Netherlands on the basis of 2000 kcal per day.

Two sizes

We have this poster in two formats:

  • Large – 17 €: this is an A2 poster where the title is a bit more prominent
  • Small – 15 €: this is an A3 poster with a minimal title (for in your kitchen. Or if there’s no space at all: on the inside of your kitchen cupboard).

About the calculations

The WWF calculations are based on the EAT-Lancet report. But they also took into account what the average Dutch person currently eats. With everything they tried to stick as close as possible to the current diets, which means that the suggested amount of legumes is much lower than in the EAT Lancet report. So this poster is not the perfect Dutch diet (there’s still quite a bit of unhealthy snacks for example), but it’s the most realistic diet that is both healthy and sustainable.

There’s one thing in particular that might be a bit strange for Fork Ranger followers: the poster shows 75 grams of beef per week and no chicken! What?! There’s a simple reason: the poster includes quite a bit of dairy because that’s closest to what we currently eat in the Netherlands. But when you produce dairy you also get a bit of beef. In the research, they prioritized eating this ‘by-product’ over lower-impact chicken. The same holds true for eggs – you also get a bit chicken meat from having hens – but it was so little (14 g per week) that we decided to leave it out.

You might have a lot more questions. We will answer all those in the article that’s linked to the QR code on the poster.



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