Two Seasonal Calendars – gift pack


Two calendars and one of them is wrapped in gift paper (recycled).

printed on recycled paper

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One calendar for you and one for a friend! To help you make more impact we’ve created a special price for giving away the calendar.

If you want both of them wrapped, let us know in an email.


Many people want to eat seasonal food but no longer know when something is in season. And knowing is only half of the work: you also need to create a meal around those ingredients. That’s why we have created this calendar that includes four recipes for every month.

We cross-checked everything with various sources and divided the fruits and vegetables into four categories, to give you a better understanding of the seasons:

  • Products that are almost out of season fall under last chance.
  • Some products are great from storage for several months, like apples or cabbage.
  • Prime time is when fruits and vegetables are harvested and they are at their best.
  • And starting now helps you spot the new arrivals.

Each month includes a link to four recipes with the ingredients of that month, so you can put knowledge into action. You can open them in your browser or in the Fork Ranger iPhone app.

We hope this calendar will help you discover new flavors and make an impact with your food. Together we can rewild our landscapes, and in the process, rewild ourselves.

There are no dates on the calendar so you can use it every year.

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Two Seasonal Calendars - gift packTwo calendars and one of them is wrapped in gift paper (recycled).Person
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