Seasonal Calendar Gift Pack


Our seasonal calendar with delicious cookies made from leftover lemon peels. And local tea that restores biodiversity.

printed on recycled paper | compostable packaging

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Give this sustainable gift and you might even get invited for cookies and tea 🙂 This pack includes:

  • Seasonal calendar with 48 recipes, printed on recycled paper
  • Tea made from local herbs that help to restore biodiversity on farm fields (in compostable packaging)
  • Cookies made with the oil from leftover lemon peels


We can also include a handwritten personal note! Message about this.


About the Seasonal Calendar 

Many people want to eat seasonal food but no longer know when something is in season. And knowing is only half of the work: you also need to create a meal around those ingredients. That’s why we have created this calendar that includes four recipes for every month.

We cross-checked everything with various sources and divided the fruits and vegetables into four categories, to give people a better understanding of the seasons:

  • Products that are almost out of season fall under last chance.
  • Some products are great from storage for several months, like apples or cabbage.
  • Prime time is when fruits and vegetables are harvested and they are at their best.
  • And starting now helps you spot the new arrivals.

Each month includes a link to four recipes with the ingredients of that month, so people can put knowledge into action. They can be opened them in a webbrowser or in the Fork Ranger iPhone app.

We hope this calendar will help people discover new flavors and make an impact with your food. Together we can rewild our landscapes, and in the process, rewild ourselves.

About Wilder Land Tea

Wilder Land works together with farmers to sow all kinds of herbs and flowers on the side of farm fields. Then they harvest some of them to make herbal tea and let the other half untouched. This not only provides a habitat for bees and other insects but the seeds are also dispersed to other areas.

They’ve started with tea but their vision is much bigger. The exciting thing about food is: it can be regenerative. We can use food to restore nature.

About Van Eigen Deeg Cookies

Van Eigen Deeg recycles by-products from other food producers, from leftover bread to citrus peels. The lemon oil in these cookies is made from the residual flow of the peel of the lemon. The skins are collected and processed into a fresh oil gives these cookies a delicious fresh taste. With a special bite from the poppy seed. Trust us, they’re delicious.

They believe in the Fork Ranger philosophy of using animal products as a luxury. In this case, they used butter (they’re not vegan) so they’re an extra special gift!

How sustainable is this calendar?

If you once make 4 portions White Wine Tagliatelle with Mushrooms with soy cream instead of dairy cream you’ve already saved 2.2 times more CO2 than the CO2 emissions of one calendar.

There are no dates on the calendar so you can use it every year, and we’ve printed them double-sided so less paper and ink was used.

Based on:
Poore, J., & Nemecek, T. (2018). Reducing food’s environmental impacts through producers and consumers. Science, 360(6392), 987-992.
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