45 min + 60 min

Butternut Squash stuffed with Cranberry Rice

A real eye-catcher full of wintery flavours. Roasted butternut squash is delicious by itself but filled with the sweet and nutty flavours of the rice it turns into a festive Christmas meal. Even though there are various steps it is not a difficult recipe to make. You could prepare the squash a day before and then roast it on Christmas day.

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Read this before you start

It’s not a difficult recipe, just give yourself enough time to prepare everything.

Can be prepared a day before

Prepare all steps until you put the squash halves in the oven. Keep them in aluminium foil in the fridge.

Easy to take with you

If you can use an oven at your destination, take with you in aluminium foil.


besides regular cooking and frying pans, and cutting knives

aluminium foil

Aluminium foil


6 servings

75 g
150 g
75 g
30 g
50 g
50 g

Butternut squash
Rice (basmati)
Sun-dried tomatoes
Dried cranberries
Dried apricot
Cashews (Johnny Cashew)

1 tea sp
1 tea sp
10 g
2 cloves

Fresh thyme


20 min

  1. Cut the squash in half lengthwise, remove the seeds and hollow out the squash with a spoon until the squash has a good centimeter of flesh left
  2. Cut scooped out flesh of the squash finely
  3. Cut sun-dried tomatoes into small strips
  4. Cut dried apricot finely
  5. Dice onion and mince garlic
  6. Tear thyme leaves from the twigs
  7. Preheat oven to 180°C


25 min + 60 min oven

pan 1b

Sauté onion and garlic

~3 min

Add cut squash flesh

let the pumpkin soften ~3 min

Add rice, cumin and 200 ml water

~5 min

Add thyme, sun-dried tomatoes, apricot, cranberries and cashews

mix well

Add spinach

until it has wilted ~3 min

Add cinnamon

season with salt and pepper and mix well

Bring to boil again and add water if needed

add a little (100 ml) more water if rice isn't done yet ~5 min

In the meantime, brush the inside of the squash halves with olive oil

sprinkle with salt and pepper

Fill the squash halves with rice mix

use all filling, don't worry about overfilling

Wrap the squash halves in aluminium foil


Bake squash in the oven

~45 min at 180°C

In the meantime, prepare the salad

Open up the aluminium foil around the squash and put back in the oven

~15 min more at 180°C

Cut each halve in 3 pieces and serve with the salad

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Thanks so much for joining our journey. We wish you a Merry Christmas with your loved ones!

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