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Casper’s Pasta alla Calamata

Ingredients Pasta

1 serving

100 g


Ingredients Sauce

4 servings

500 ml
800 g
20 g
1 TBL sp

Bouillon (vegetable)
Canned tomatoes
Fresh Italian herbs (thyme, sage, oregano)
Olive oil
Red chilli pepper

Ingredients Filling

4 servings

240 g
100 g

Calamata olives
Sun-dried tomatoes

Ingredients Topping

4 servings

25 g
to taste



  1. Cut zucchini in quartered slices
  2. Cut sun-dried tomatoes in strips
  3. Halve olives


pan 2

Make bouillon

add bouillon with 500 ml water, boil

pan 2

Add tomatoes, fresh Italian herbs, olive oil, and red chilli pepper

remove the stems of the herbs, don't add them

low heat, simmer as long as possible but at least  ~20 min

In a medium bowl, put the flour in it with a pinch of salt


Add egg

make a hole in the center and put in the eggs here

mix the eggs with the flour with a fork, making sure that a little bit of flour is mixed with the eggs at a time

when the mixture becomes too thick for the fork, mix the flour with the dough with your hands, adding the flour little by little

when the mixture can be formed into a ball, take it from the bowl and move it to the working sheet

Knead the dough

knead the dough ball adding some flour every time when the dough sticks on the outside ~10 min

put the dough away in plastic foil for ~10 min

Knead the dough again

pick up the dough ball again and knead it again for ~2 min

Flatten the dough

flatten the dough with a rolling pin to fit through the pasta machines

Make spaghetti

put the dough through the pasta machine, adding some flour on the surface whenever you notice that the dough is sticking

don't be afraid to put flour on the surface, better too much than too little

go to position 7, set to the spaghetti position and make spaghetti from the pasta

let the spaghetti dry on the rack

pan 2

Puree into a smooth sauce

with a hand blender, no need to remove the herbs


Boil 1L water in another pan

pan 2

Add zucchini, sun-dried tomatoes and olives to the tomato sauce

~5 min

Squeeze lemon

taste if the sourness is good, simmer a little longer if it's too sour


Cook the spaghetti

~2 min

Serve the pasta with sauce, walnuts and parmesan

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