40 min + 30 min fridge

Chocolate and Nut Trifle with Raspberries

A light chocolate mousse with deep and intense flavours. Served on a base of almond and dates and topped with pistachios and raspberries. Creating the mousse is a bit more advanced but should be no problem if you carefully follow the instructions. If you want to play it safe we suggest trying it with other 70% dark chocolate before Christmas day. While it’s possible to use a hand blender, a food processor will make this a lot easier.

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Read this first

This recipe uses aquafaba (a.k.a chickpea water when draining them). Make sure to check if there's enough in the can. In the supermarket, compare the mentioned weight and drained weight for an indication.

With the remaining chickpeas you can make a tasty hummus or serve them roasted on the side of one of the main dishes.

The soy whipping cream is added to provide a little more stability, which can be hard if you create a mousse from 100% aquafaba. Check if they have special whipping style soy cream at your supermarket.

Can be prepared a day before

Easily stored almost ready in the fridge. Add raspberries and pistachios just before serving.

Easy to take with you

Take with you in the glasses, and in separate containers the raspberries and pistachios. Add them once you have arrived at your destination.


besides regular cooking and frying pans, and cutting knives


Hand mixer




Hand blender (or food processor)


6 servings - 6 glasses

50 g
100 ml
70 g
100 g
110 g
100 g
50 g

Aquafaba (from chickpeas)
Soy whipping cream
Chocolate (Original Beans 70%)
Raspberries (frozen)

20 g
a few drops
1/2 tea sp
1 TBL sp

(Plant-based) butter
Lemon juice
Vanilla aroma


10 min

  1. Drain chickpeas and save aquafaba
  2. Chop almonds
  3. Remove pit (if needed) and chop dates
  4. Defrost raspberries (1h before serving)
  5. Chop pistachios


30 min + 30 min fridge

For the bottom layer, blend almonds, dates and butter into a soft crumble

preferably use a food processor or if not available a hand blender and a high bowl

Divide almond-date mix among 6 glasses

Use a handmixer to whisk soy whipping cream to stiff peaks

until you can hold the bowl upside down and the cream remains ~4 min

pan geel

Place chocolate in a heatproof bowl set over a pan of gently simmering water (don’t let the bowl touch the water) and stir until chocolate is melted

switch heat off once water simmers ~5 min, put aside and let the chocolate cool down to room temperature once melted

Clean another bowl and the hand mixer with kitchen towel and a few drops of lemon juice

this removes the remaining fattiness so the aquafaba stiffens well

Use a hand mixer to whisk aquafaba to stiff peaks

mix as stiff as possible, at least until you can create peaks which keep their form ~5 min

Add vanilla aroma and sugar gradually while mixing

~1 min

Add melted chocolate to the whipped soy cream gradually

use a spatula to gently fold to combine

Add aquafaba to the chocolate cream mix and gently fold with a spatula to combine

do not worry if your fluffy mixture deflates a bit once all of the aquafaba has been added – that’s perfectly normal – but you should still see plenty small bubbles in the mixture.

Divide among the glasses and put in the fridge

chill for at least ~30 min

Top with the raspberries and pistachios to serve

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Thanks so much for joining our journey. We wish you a Merry Christmas with your loved ones!

As Christmas is often associated with meat, we’re very curious to learn what you and your guests, friends, family think about this meatless menu.

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