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50 min

Green Risotto with Kale

For this risotto, you make a quick pesto-like puree from kale and walnuts. Together with the peas, it gives not only a lot of color but also a lot of flavor.

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4 servings

300 g
300 g
300 g
80 g

Risotto rice (carnaroli or aborio)
Frozen peas

1 glass
75 ml
1 L
50 g
2 cloves

Dry white wine
Olive oil
Bouillon (vegetable)


10 min

It's important to prepare before you start cooking. There is no time to cut things when cooking risotto.

  1. Dice onion and mince garlic
  2. Rough chop walnuts
  3. Grate the parmesan
  4. Set the table (it's best to serve risotto immediately)


40 min

In a bowl, pour boiling water over kale

add a pinch of salt, stir, leave for a few minutes, then drain and squeeze out excess liquid ~5 min

Make bouillon

Add walnuts, garlic, parmesan and olive oil to the kale

blend with a (stick)blender until smooth or leave some texture if you prefer, season with salt and pepper to taste ~5 min

pan 1b

Sauté onion

medium/high heat (in a little extra oil) until soft but not coloured ~2 min

Add risotto rice

stir ~2 min

Add white wine

it should sizzle, stir and cook until you don't see any liquid from the wine ~3 min

Start adding hot bouillon, one bit at a time

stir until nearly all has been absorbed - the rice should always be moist rather than dry. Repeat this process until the risotto is soft but still has a little bite ~18 min

Add the kale puree and peas

stir, taste and add salt and pepper if needed ~5 min

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