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Mustard Soup

This soup is a traditional Dutch dish. It’s a quick and easy recipe with a delightfully sour and rich flavour from the mustard. The taste of the mustard is not overwhelming. Start with two tablespoons of mustard and then add more if you want to. We thought it was most delicious when you serve it immediately but reheating it the following day also works.

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Read this first

Because vinegar is a main ingredient in mustard hitting the right amount of sourness is essential.

Luckily, it's easy if you just start with a little bit of mustard, taste regularly and add more to taste. The 2 TBL sp mentioned in the ingredients are on the safe side.

In case your soup ends up too sour to your taste, boil it a little longer or add a pinch of salt.

Can be prepared a day before

Although this soup tastes best fresh, it can be prepared a day in advance if you're short on time.


besides regular cooking and frying pans, and cutting knives




6 servings

2 TBL sp
2 TBL sp
40 g

Mustard (Biermosterd De Hemel)
Spring onions
(Plant-based) butter

1.5 L
3 tea sp
3 tea sp

Bouillon (vegetable)
Paprika powder


5 min

  1. Cut spring onion into rings


25 min

Make bouillon

pan 2

Melt butter

low heat

Add flour, paprika powder and turmeric

stir with a whisk at low heat ~3 min

Add bouillon bit by bit

stir with a whisk at low/medium heat ~5 min

Add mustard

stir with a whisk (so mustard mixes well with bouillon), bring to a boil and leave lid off ~10 min

Add lemon juice to taste and garnish with spring onion

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  1. Johannes on December 24, 2023 at 6:25 pm

    Excellent recipe! : )

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