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Oat Risotto with Prunes

This risotto recipe uses oats instead of rice! Because of the nutty flavour of the oats doesn't need butter or cheese. The original recipe from Wolfgang Puck mixes in a pea puree at the end to make it creamier (just put some peas in a blender). Using the prunes, walnuts, leek and mushrooms as topping also works with regular risotto.

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4 servings

350 g
100 g
350 g
100 g

Oats (steel cut or rolled)
Prunes (dried plums)
Chestnut mushrooms

1 glass
1 L
2 cloves

Dry white wine
Bouillon (mushroom)


15 min

  1. Dice onion and mince garlic
  2. Cut mushrooms into slices
  3. Cut leek into rings
  4. Cut prunes into small pieces
  5. Crack or prepare the walnuts
  6. Set the table (it's best to serve risotto immediately)


20 min

pan 1b

Sauté onion

medium/high heat (in oil) until soft but not coloured ~3 min

pan 2

Boil water and make bouillon

keep it at a low boil

frying pan 2

Sauté mushrooms in the meantime

start with high heat and then lower the heat until all moisture is gone ~ 10 min

pan 1

Add oats and garlic in the meantime

stir so the oats are heated but don't let them
brown, season with salt and pepper ~2 min

Add white wine

it should sizzle, cook until you don't see any
liquid from the wine ~2 min

Start adding hot bouillon, one bit at a time

stir until nearly all has been absorbed - the oats should always be soft rather than dry. Repeat this process until the oats are soft but still have a little bite (so it's important to taste it regularly, add salt and pepper if needed) ~10 min

keep stirring often, adjust heat if it's too hot, you have to avoid burning the oats

frying pan 2

Add leek, walnuts and prunes

cook until the leek is soft ~5 min

Serve with the mushrooms, leek and walnuts and add lemon juice to taste
A perfect risotto is creamy and much more fluid than rice (that's why risotto is served on a deep plate)

This is a recipe from the Fork Ranger book

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