Oven pesto potatoes

25 min + oven time

Oven Pesto Potatoes

A simple oven dish for the potato lovers, with the pesto giving ‘a taste of summer’ as one review described it.

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4 servings

800 g
300 g

Potato slices
Red bell peppers

90 g
100 g
200 ml
2 tea sp
2 cloves

Pesto red
Cheese grated
(Soy) cream
Paprika powder
Onion yellow


Replace potatoes with pasta and/or use different vegetables, for example replacing bell pepper.


15 min

  1. Dice onion and mince garlic
  2. Cut mushrooms into quarters
  3. Cut bell peppers into short strips
  4. Cut broccoli into florets
  5. Pre-heat oven to 200°C


10 + 20 min

pan 1b

Sauté onion and mushrooms

medium heat, until mushrooms shrink and moisture is gone ~7 min, season with salt and pepper

pan 2

Cook potato slices 

After 3 minutes add broccoli

cook for ~5 more minutes so potatoes and broccoli are almost done

pan 1 continued

Add garlic, paprika powder, bell peppers,
pesto and (soy) cream

mix well and let everything simmer until warm
~3 min, taste and add salt and pepper if needed


Add potatoes into an oven dish and add half the sauce. Add the broccoli on top with the rest of the sauce and sprinkle with cheese

~20 min at 200°C

This is a recipe from the Fork Ranger book

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