35 min

Rice Noodles with Edamame Beans

A simple dish with lots of umami flavor. Soy sauce and mushrooms are always a fantastic combination and the carrots and fried onions add a delicious crunch to the soft rice noodles.

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4 servings

375 g
150 g
400 g

Mihoen (thin rice noodles)
Edamame beans (frozen)
Chestnut mushrooms
Spring onions

4 TBL sp
2 tea sp
4 cloves
50 g

Soy sauce
Fried onions


10 min

  1. Mince garlic
  2. Chop mushrooms in slices
  3. Chop carrots in thin slices
  4. Cut spring onion into rings


Breaking the raw noodles just before adding them to the boiling water makes it easier to mix with the veggies and eat.


25 min

pan 1

Sauté garlic & mushrooms

medium/high heat ~5 min

Add carrots, edamame beans, soy sauce and sambal

stir occasionally ~10 min

pan 2

In the meantime, bring water to a boil, add mihoen, let boil for approx. 1 min, turn off heat and let it sit for a couple minutes

drain and wash a few times so they cool and stop cooking further ~5 min

pan 1

Add spring onion

~3 min

Add the noodles to the vegetables

stir and heat up ~2 min

Serve with fried onions and if desired more soy sauce

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