15 min

Spicy Greens

This is a lunch version of one of our new favorite recipes: super simple, full of veggies, and so delicious. If you are not sure about the spiciness, just start with half of the sambal first. Although it really tastes best with all of it!

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2 servings

200 g
200 g
100 g

Green beans (frozen)
Peas (frozen)

2 TBL sp
2 TBL sp
2 tea sp
1 tea sp
2 TBL sp
1 tea sp
10 g

Soy sauce
Sambal oelek
Peanut butter
Rice vinegar (or white wine vinegar)
Fresh coriander


To always have the ingredients for this recipe at your home, use frozen broccoli (350 g) instead of 1 fresh broccoli.

Adding bulgur creates a delicious combination if you want to add grains.


2 min

  1. Cut broccoli into small florets


13 min

pan 2

Cook green beans

~4 min

Add broccoli and peas

~7 min more

the exact cooking time will depend on the amount of water and whether you use frozen broccoli, so taste regularly to make sure the broccoli keeps its bite

In a bowl, mix sambal oelek, sugar, cumin, peanut butter and rice vinegar

it will be more a paste than a sauce, but when later mixed with the cooked vegetables it will become more liquid

pan 2

Drain vegetables and add spicy peanut sauce

turn off heat and mix

Serve with peanuts and fresh coriander


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