sweet potato beetroot salad

35 min

Sweet Potato Beetroot Salad

This colorful salad tastes as good as it looks! Plenty of veggies work together and bring freshness. There is no need to rush, because it’s totally fine to serve this lukewarm.

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4 servings

1000 g
1000 g
275 g
300 g
150 g

Sweet potato
Fresh beetroot
Pearl couscous
Canned corn
Bell peppers

400 ml
70 g
4 TBL sp
2 TBL sp
4 TBL sp

Bouillon (vegetable)
Balsamic vinegar
Orange juice

Make it a dinner party🎉

Sprinkle with parmesan cheese


10 min

  1. Cut beetroot into cubes
  2. Cut sweet potato into cubes
  3. Cut bell pepper into cubes
  4. Chop walnuts
  5. Preheat oven to 220°C


25 min


Bake sweet potato and beetroot onto baking tray

~25 min at 220°C


In the meantime, cook couscous in boullion

~10 min

Make salad dressing

mix honey, balsamico and orange juice, season with salt and pepper to taste

Mix and serve

drain corn and add all other prepared ingredients

If the salad is too sweet to your taste, add a little more balsamic vinegar on your plate

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