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Sweet potato mash with sauerkraut

The vegetables do all the work in this recipe and combine lots of different flavours. The sweetness of the apple balances the sauerkraut and the mushrooms add a nice umami taste. Even someone who usually doesn't like sauerkraut liked it. The portions are quite big because sauerkraut comes in packs of 500 g.

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4 servings

850 g
100 g
400 g
500 g
400 g

Sweet potatoes
Chestnut mushrooms
Spring onions

2 TBL sp
100 ml

Soy sauce


10 min

  1. Cut sweet potatoes into cubes
  2. Cut mushrooms into slices
  3. Cut apples into cubes
  4. Crush walnuts into small pieces
  5. Cut spring onions into rings


25 min

pan 2

Cook sauerkraut

in its own liquid and add a splash of water ~15 min


Cook sweet potatoes

~8 min

pan 1b

In the meantime, sauté mushrooms

medium heat, until mushrooms shrink and moisture is gone ~5 min, season with salt and pepper

Add soy sauce

lower heat, add 1 TBL sp water before adding soy sauce to prevent soy sauce from evaporating ~2 min

Add spinach

medium heat ~3 min


In the meantime, mash the sweet potatoes

until the mash has a coarse structure

pan 1 continued

Add apple, walnuts and spring onions

~2 min

pan 2

Drain sauerkraut and stir through the sweet potato mash

mix well ~2 min

Serve the mashed potatoes with the mushrooms spinach mixture on top

Too sour for your taste? Grate or cut an apple and stir through the sweet potato mash.

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