We believe in buying less stuff and making more memories. So why do we sell stuff? Because our products save CO2 after making just one of the recipes (more details on the product page).

Fork Ranger book - solving climate change with food

Cookbook – Solving climate change with food


Discover how food can be the starting point for solving our climate crisis. Learn about sustainable food and bring it into action with 40 everyday recipes.

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Seasonal Calendar


A beautiful calendar with practical design. Each month shows which ingredients are in season for Northwest Europe. Learn about seasonal fruits and vegetables and bring it into action with 48 everyday recipes.

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Book + Seasonal Calendar


A combi deal with the (cook)book and seasonal calendar.

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Two Seasonal Calendars – gift pack


Two calendars and one of them is wrapped in gift paper (recycled).

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12 Postcards


A set of 12 beautiful postcards, each with a link to a seasonal recipe. Celebrate your friend’s birthday, invite them over for dinner, or write a simple thank you message. Every card is an opportunity to invite others on a sustainable food journey.

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Poster – Gezond eten binnen de grenzen van één aarde


What is a healthy and sustainable diet? This poster shows what it looks like for an average person in the Netherlands in one week. Including a digital week menu with dinner recipes to make it practical.

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Boxes for organizations

Various options for an inspiring box with the book or calendar.

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Answer a daily quiz question and unlock recipes.

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