Invite Frank for a hopeful talk about 'solving climate change with food'.

Hear more about his entrepreneurial journey and how he motivates people to eat more sustainably.

Frank shares inspiring stories about how each person can improve the world with their food choices. People not only feel empowered to take action but also go home with a smile.

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“Frank lights up the room with curiosity and  laughter."

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"Frank shows how we should eat to save the planet in a  light-hearted  and humorous way.

"He provides solutions in a clear and playful way."

About Frank

Frank Holleman wrote the book 'Solving climate change with food' after finding out how much our food contributes to climate change. He started exploring how to make a difference with your food and inviting people along for the journey.

Together with his co-founder Mareike, it's their mission to make it as easy as possible to eat for the climate.

Frank spoke at TEDx WageningenUniversity and has adjusted his message to various settings: from universities and churches to restaurants and business events.


A hopeful and refreshing perspective on sustainable food

How our food choices can be the catalyst for systems change

Leaving behind consumerism an living a new version of 'the good life'

Fun & interactive look at the data: what are the most important actions?

Motivational and super practical advice about eating sustainably

Stories about regenerative agriculture and the positive impact of food

What people say

"Frank lights up the room with curiosity and laughter. He shares the journey to sustainable eating habits in a fun and accessible way, bringing all levels of interest along with him."

Andrea from NetImpact Amsterdam

"In a light-hearted and humorous way, Frank knows how to talk about the need for changing diets to save the planet without making it too negative. He uses interesting statistics, relatable examples, and visuals to support his story. Because of this people remember the message and are also listening with a smile on their face."

Kim from Delicious Switch

"After stumbling across Frank’s TEDx we reached out for him to take part in one of our Studio sessions, an interactive webinar for retailers at C-suite level.

Frank was able to knowledgably change his story to fit in with our audience. He was also well prepared and incredibly easy to deal with. I would definitely recommend working with Frank!"

Kirsty from Brand Loyalty

"Frank took us along for 45 minutes in his quest for a more sustainable life. He provides solutions in a clear and playful way and uses well-founded and visual data for this. Our colleagues were fascinated to the end and walked away with new information and inspiration".

Sarah from Deloitte

Get in touch

Frank can present in Dutch🇳🇱 or English🇬🇧 and adjust his message to various settings. Get in touch to learn more.

+31 6 30 87 30 25

Mareike & Frank

Other options

You can also invite us for other topics or workshops, such as sustainable entrepreneurship or working together as co-founders with very different personalities. We've spent a lot of time thinking about these issues 😉 We're open to ideas, let us know!